Would You Thrive In High School

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Eugene, the school bully, gives you the stink eye. How do you react?

I give him the stink eye back!

Ishirk and turn the corner

I scream “TEACHER!!! HELP!!!”

I laugh in his face. Eugene is lame!

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Which foreign language do you want to take?





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You notice someone copying off of your quiz. What do you do?

Tell the teacher

Cover your paper

Answer all of the wrong answers

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Another flyer in the hallway calls your attention to the school's athletic programs. Which sport interests you most?






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Your English teacher calls on you to identify the theme of“Catcher In The Rye". What do you say?

Crime doesn’t pay

Overcoming the odds

Coming-of-age/Loss of innocence

Love conquers all

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As you sit down for 1st period, you realize you forgot to bring a pencil. What do you do?

Ask the kid in front of me.

Ask the kid I know a few seats away.

Find the most popular kid in class and ask them for a pencil.

Ask the teacher for a pencil.

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Chloe is a bad influence. She wants you to ditch school with her for the afternoon. What do you say?

No, that’s against the rules!

Sure! I hate math class anyway.

Uh…maybe next time, Chloe.

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Over the intercom in 2nd period, you hear an announcement for the school play“Romeo & Juliet". Which part will you audition for?



The Apothecary

Verona Citizen #12

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What elective would you choose?




I'd rather just take a free period

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Walking down the halls, you notice a flyer for the school clubs. Which one will you join?

Chess Club

Key Club


National Honor Society

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It's your first day of school. What should you wear to stand-out and become popular?

Red Converse

Spider Man Constume

Denim Jacket

Propeller Hat

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It's a High Schoolers' favorite time of day - LUNCH! Whatcha gonna eat?

Cafeteria food.

I packed a lunch.

I’ll leave campus to eat.

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How would you go about asking your crush out on a date?

I wait for them to ask me out!

I stage an elaborate romantic gesture

I confess my feelings to her and ask if she feels the same. Then proceed to ask her out

I ask my friend to tell her

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In History class, the teacher asks you which century the Franco-Prussian War occurred. Your answer?

20th Century

19th Century

11th-13th Centuries

3rd Century, BC